Wednesday, November 1, 2017

****UPDATED!!!The 5ive footers in costume.Bios and power sets included (in case people are still not sure) Issue 5ive coming this winter. #Uni5icomics #5ivefooters

 Here are some of the team in costume in color. From Top (Dana, Jewel, David, Sofia) Well, Sofia is more of a mentor to help save the city from Eric Mason and make sure her sister Dana is handling her powers well. I'll be adding Tako and Brian next. Plus I'm adding more to the post as far as the release date and other things. Plus the next issue will have a DELUXE EDITION. You heard it here first. Follow my facebook:chad5iveart and twitter:chad5ive

Monday, September 19, 2016

Free Download Days Has Returned!!

Download 5ivefooters issue 3.5 now and issue 2 as well issue2 issue3.5. This is for anyone who hasn't check the series out or doesn't have every issue.They're free this week only!!!