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Hey guys its been a while since I posted my indiegogo didn't go well but im still three pages from issue four being done. I need to take a lil time off for personal problems but ill put the link up when its ready. If you haven't read it already enjoy my interview with Indie Nerds Quarterly   it also can be downloaded for free at smashwords.com I'm on page.  download .

Chad Taylor


Artist Chad Taylor dabbles in illustrations using water colors and charcoals. He also does some graphic design work as well from his home in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We asked Chad when he realized that he wanted to be an artist and he stated, “I realized I wanted to be an artist after watching my cousins and after watching the X-Men cartoon in the 90’s.”

Chad has had his art published since 2009. Making it five years since he has had his first art piece published. Time has a way of flying by when you are doing something that you enjoy.

We asked Chad if he had a favorite painter of someone that inspired him to become an artist. Early in the interview he said that his cousins made him realize he wanted to take up art. However, he also stated, “Jim Lee, Bruce Tim and any other artist that is good at expressing themselves,” have inspired him to become the artist that he is today.

In our everyday lives we find ourselves listening to music on a daily basis, no matter what we are doing. Chad likes to listen to pop, hip hop, anime music, and anything with a lot of energy.

Some artists find it easier to work in a tidy environment and others find it easier to work with everything around them. We asked Chad what his working environment was like and he told us that his work area was an organized mess.

Many artists have a tendency to favor one art medium over the next, and there is that rare chance that the artist loves all art forms the same. Chad favors animation and comics out of all other mediums.

We asked Chad if he had to plan his work before he was able to get started and he stated, “I have a plot in the beginning that I write down, but I ultimately let the drawings tell the story. I believe that is the Marvel method of comic writing.”

Chad is currently working on his fourth issue of his comic series The 5ive Footers. And he enjoys being parts of magazine publications whether it is drawing or interviewing with them. He enjoys being around large amounts of creative people daily.

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