Monday, June 9, 2014

Issue 4 Preview Now UPDATE!!!! ISSUE 4 Late Jan on Comixology

Preview up now. Oh, and to get caught up download issue #1 is on amazon kindle---> Issue1 and  issue #2 is officially available for amazon kindle----> Issue2 . Issue #3.5 (Issue three with bonus material on amazon) download is also available now----> Issue3.5 will come with bonus pages from issue #4 which will be out in in Jan. 

Also, for those who are new to the plot. The 5ive footers is 5ive teens who lives are changed-- along with the rest of the city-- from the affects of the former over the counter drug Nyoxin. Eric Mason, and his pharmaceutical company controls the underground drug ring. Eric Mason undergoes an attack from vigilantes called Operation F.R.E.E. who are after those who pose a threat to society on a large scale. Jewel,Dana,David,Tako and Brian are soon put in the middle of whats going on and Jewels life is put in immediate danger. As a result they form a team to take Eric Masons operation down with assistance from Danas dead sister Sofia who has returned from the dead. Issue four will jump right into this.

For laughs I put up my interview with The Buzz radio station promoting my kickstarter I did last year. Sorry its brief!

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