Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Original issue 2 cover

This is the original issue 2 cover done a while back. You can tell because I no longer use the shadow comics banner and the final logo looks different. I liked the art so I said why not post it. Also, if you read issue 2 (I'll be posting it early 2012 for the lazy folks lol) you know the cover contains the metamorphasis of a certain character.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Webcomic on the way n other thoughts.

I'm currently working on a web comic thats anime inspired that I will be putting on the blog in a few weeks. It's very good, its six pages and I'm also going to be submitting it to a top named publisher. I flipped my style to show my versitility to the comic book community because I do this, this isn't something 'to do' for me or a hobby, I put my blood sweat in tears into my work. People don't even know "The 5ive footers" is a movement, a phenomenon, not a comic book . Look into the work and not the surface. And I do it because people need that in the comic book--as well as the art community.